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KP Energy

KP Energy Ltd. is a trusted corporate group renowned for its strong management, efficient cost structure, and a robust order book with ready project sites. Specializing in high-quality Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) powered by sophisticated technology, the company excels in providing turnkey solutions for wind farm projects across India. With a proven track record and dedication to innovation, KP Energy Ltd. stands at the forefront of the renewable energy industry, driving sustainable solutions for a greener tomorrow.

Specializing in turnkey solutions for wind farm projects across India, KP Energy Ltd. embodies reliability and sophistication in execution. Their holistic approach ensures seamless project delivery from inception to completion, setting benchmarks in the industry. As a pioneer in sustainable energy solutions, the company's unwavering dedication to innovation and quality positions it as a leader driving impactful change in India's renewable energy landscape. KP Energy Ltd. continues to forge ahed, shaping a greener and more sustainable future through its pioneering initiatives and commitment to excellence.

Our Business Models

We Provide Renewable Solutions


KP Energy Limited offers a unique value proposition that has been designed to address all the issues that WTG manufacturers, IPPs, and CPPs face when setting up a wind farm.

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O & M

For the BOP section of the project, KPEL provides comprehensive operations and maintenance services.

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At wind farms developed by KP Energy Limited, the company owns power generation.

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Words from our Directors

Dr. Faruk G. Patel

Managing Director

I want to openly admit that our dreams, our ambitions and our targets are so high that whatever efforts and hard-work we put in will be less! Whatever we will achieve, will turn out to be a miniature and small when compared with final goal !

Mr. Affan Faruk Patel

Whole-Time Director

All the parameters of performance and future growth sticks are now in our favour. Our capabilities are proven. Opportunities are abundant. Policies are stable. Investment environment is favourable. Above all, blessings from Almighty are blistering. Let us strike the iron as much as we can, its’ already hot !


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Key Reasons of Success

In India currently, the trend within the wind energy sector is that Wind Turbine Manufacturers play a dual role and also act as developers or purely land owning companies act as developers.

  • Recognized and trusted corporate group
  • Strong order book and ready pipeline of Project Sites
  • Strong management team
  • Efficient cost structure
  • High quality WTGs based on sophisticated technology and design
  • Ability to provide turnkey solutions for wind farm projects in India
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